Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wedding Logos

A recent trend in weddings has been the use of a monogram. Or you may have heard it called a logo. The word logo has been used more than not as this stamp is more of a branding on your big day than a formal monogram. Brides are using this logo from save the dates and all the way through to lighted images projected onto their dance floors. I've even seen it jeweled onto the bottom of the bride's shoes so when she kneels at the altar all her guests get a little surprise! You may not need to go that far, but logos are a nice way to keep cohesiveness from the introduction of your wedding style all the way through to the big day and are perfect for all DIY projects.

Some traditional ways to incorporate your logo:
- Save the Dates
- Invitations
- Wedding Programs
- Menu Cards
- Favor Packaging
- On floral vases

Some non-traditional ideas:
- Shower Thank You cards
- Wax stamp/closure on the outside of your invitations
- Custom postage stamps
- Pew ends
- Embroidered on the inside of the Bride's dress or Groom's tie
- Paper chargers
- Icing design on cookies to accompany your cake
- Inside floral wreaths

To get your personalized logo, ask your invitation creator to design a custom monogram for you. Or, there are tons of online resources. Try online papier Betsy White (they did the logo above):
Her black and white logos are $50 and her one-color logos are $75. You get a .pdf of the logo and can use it as many times as you'd like. Or try I Do Originals:
For only $10 you can select any 3 logos or for $15 you can get 5! Pre-ready monograms are customized with your info and wedding colors. Or they also have custom designs options as well. If you have any online resources that are your favorite, please let us know!

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